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Animeet gift cards are a wonderful choice for yourself or a friend! These cards are exclusively designed for online use on our website and cannot be redeemed at our physical Animeet stores.

Upon completing your purchase on our website, you will receive an email containing your virtual gift card code.

Key Details:

  • The value of the gift card corresponds to the amount marked on the card.
  • The gift card is valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
  • It is intended for single-use only.
  • The card holds no cash value, and any remaining balance after a purchase won't be refunded.

Important Note:

If you are buying a gift card along with other products on our website, please be aware that the delivery method you choose will apply only to those additional products. The virtual gift card will be sent to your specified email address.

For those who prefer a physical version of the gift card, paper versions are available for purchase exclusively at our physical store Animeet ( ⟟ kaivokatu 8, 00100, Helsikni).

Enjoy your online shopping experience with Animeet!

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